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We are pleased to announce that Commonwealth Dynamics has selected
RK Griffith & Associates to represent them in New England, New York and
New Jersey.  Commonwealth has long been the leader in the design,
supply and erection of tall metal exhaust systems (some still call them
smoke stacks) and concrete chimneys. Their expertise also includes other
tall structures including storage silos for a variety of industries and services.
In an age of selection by low first cost, Commonwealth Dynamics has been
successful achieving low installed cost for its clients, marrying unparalleled
engineering expertise with their highly skilled erection systems. This is
particularly important where multiple sources or flues are in close proximity.
Commonwealth Dynamics also works with our clients in the early development 
phases of projects working on concepts for aesthetically pleasing structures
and looking at options for steel or concrete chimneys.Commonwealth continues
to offer inspection and repair services for both its products and others to insure
that the chimney or stack is safe and reliable.

We look forward to working with you on all your Tall Structure needs.